Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chair inventory, January 6, 2009

Well, where have I been since my last post in October? Burrowed under the blankets, feeling sorry for myself, waiting for Humira to kick in, kick in again, and kick in one more time. Oh, and plus... surviving December. I've made a new years commitment to writing more in this blog, and am even going to publicly humiliate myself in order to do this (please see:


You'll see me there soon! )

But until then, I thought I'd just give a little Chair Inventory (see my post re: Chair Inventories in Oct, 2008)

My back hurts, my hips hurt (esp when I'm NOT in the chair), my elbows and hands are quite achy and my R knee would rather be amputated.

But I am no longer burrowed under my down comforter. And while bed continues to be a very attractive option for 2009, I refuse to crawl back in. At least for a while.

More soon.