Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of the office, but still reading the research links

On my way to another lovely visit with friends - I'm in the Bay Area visiting the pals and family we left when we moved to Portland last year.

Thus, once again, I'm ignoring you, my adored blog.

But I saw this article today and it caught my eye, and I thought I should share it - a new PsA drug that's doing well in clinical trials. Here's a description about why it's different:
Apremilast is a novel, orally available small molecule compound that exhibits anti-inflammatory activities through the suppression of multiple pro-inflammatory mediators including, TNF-alpha, interleukins 6, 17 & 23, and interferon-gamma among others.
Off to more good times - but I'll be back in Portland and posting regularly soon.


  1. I have been taking remicade for nine years (since the beginning) and it works great. Make sure you have a standing order on antibiotics in case you get a upper resp. infection. Also have some NSAIDS in case you get a flare, but it should be mild and only last a couple days. Move your remicade infusion up a couple of weeks and tell your doc if that happens.

    I have no side effects. Yes you get tired during the infusion, but that is because sitting around for two hours is "boring".

    You mentioned a "machine buzzing". What machine? Remicade is usually just dripped.

    Good Luck

  2. Hey Jack! Thanks for reading! It's great to hear you've been on Remicade for 9 years... I had thought most people burn out before then. It has been miraculous, I must say, these last few weeks. I've been playing tag with my kids, bending and lifting, and had more energy than I've had in years.

    The machine buzzed a little as it manages the drip - does it not for you?


  3. Oh, and Dan. Which part should I kiss?