Tuesday, July 14, 2009

n=1: Where have I been?

Ok, quickly, sorry, sorry, sorry. Somehow, summer vacation is kicking my tush! I'm having a lovely time home with my kids, (one blessing of having a disease that made me decide not to "work" anymore). But at the end of a day of lunch making, swimming lessons and play-dates I'm wiped, and I have an attention-span of about 10 minutes. Exhaustion and blogging don't mix well!

But I have a lot to write about - first, of course, about celebrities (Michael and Lupus, Cameron Diaz and Psoriasis, and our home-girl LeAnn in D.C.). In the case of the first two, I wonder: is any publicity good publicity when it comes to autoimmune disease?

And I also have been following all the recent developments in Celiac Disease (my other autoimmune condition). Scientists have recently demonstrated that it is on the rise, and Jen Cafferty at the Examiner.com reports that the August edition of Scientific American will include some significant findings about Celiac Disease that relate to other autoimmune diseases. Dr. Alessio Fassano states, (as cited in Cafferty's article), that:
“Celiac disease provides an enormously valuable model for understanding autoimmune disorders because it is the only example where the addition or removal of a simple environmental component, gluten, can turn the disease process on and off.”
I'll work on posting some more on these topics, and others, as soon as my hair dries from the pool. Meanwhile, I'm working on a new motto: Summer parenting with an autoimmune disease - the toughest job you'll ever love.

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