Tuesday, March 17, 2009

N=1: I'm AMA

I'm feeling rebellious this week. I played with fire and took my Humira on Sunday despite still having a bad cough and some nasal congestion. I was told not to give myself the shot while the cold symptoms persisted. I did it anyway, AMA (against medical advice).

As some of you know, I've been having some reservations about whether or not Humira was the right drug for me. Thanks to this cold, I have gone 4 weeks between shots. And boy can I feel it - the Humira does work. My hands are aching (typing this today is challenging), my hips are killing me, my elbows hurt, and I'm just draggy. While the cold seemed to turn a corner on Sat, I was in bed anyway because I was in so much pain.

So I took the shot - risking prolonging my cold by weakening my immune system. Once again, my treatment is a balancing act - the symptoms of the disease vs. the symptoms of the medication.

By the way, I also refused to get into the skimpy gown at the dermatologist's yesterday. All they needed was to look at my scalp and elbows, for goodness sake! My dermatologist was too gracious to say anything, but I think I ruffled the medical assistant's sense of propriety.

Why is it considered proper to be freezing and half-naked in front of strangers?

I'm a rebel, baby.


  1. So... somehow my google alert found you today. I felt such thankfulness for your writing style that I went all the way back to post #1 and caught myself up! Not sure I will have much to comment on, but keep up the good work, Sister! I am a fellow comrade suffering with M.S. and PsA. I am taking a drug called Tysabri (for MS) which has already killed some folks, but works wonders for my M.S. so I can't take any of the biologics for PsA. I am taking methotrexate for about 9 months with not much improvement. Go figure.... so soon I will have to decide to try something else, change something. I try everyday to tell my husband I feel GREAT! He knows what I mean (it still hurts like HELL). But somehow I am not giving in to it. I AM NOT. So thanks for making me smile and cry. I'll be reading.

  2. Thank you so much, Skyenewt, for this comment. You made me whole week, I think! - JennyS

  3. You are definitely my sister. I'm getting a little famous around here (Dresden) for rebelling against doctors. I had a whole hallway of German patients staring at me one day as I came out of a Chief Doctor's office, having just yelled in his face that he's a quack. (Of course some of that was the steroid treatment wreaking havoc on my brain...)


  4. I can totally relate to your rebellion about disrobing. My P is on my palms and soles of my feet. Why disrobe? Who benefits?!?!? And you're right - the medical assistants seem to be blown off task by my refusal!! Tee hee hee!! What fun!! Ms. Blue Katt