Thursday, March 5, 2009

Project Runway meets Psoriasis

It's my blog's body image week, and talk about great timing. Yesterday, Amgen and Wyeth (two big pharma companies) and Tim Gunn, of Project Runway, announced that they are launching a campaign called Addressing Psoriasis. This campaign will help people with plaque psoriasis learn more about their disease and feel better about how they look and dress.

WOW! There's going to be a fashion show! How much fun is this? Here's a blurb:
Addressing Psoriasis™, [is] an awareness campaign designed to help people with plaque psoriasis get more information about managing their disease and feel more confident in their everyday style. Dermatologist Susan C. Taylor, M.D., and Gunn are working together to encourage people with plaque psoriasis to visit a dermatologist and take the first step in managing their condition...

The cornerstone of the campaign is a contest to recognize people who have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis but who try not to allow the condition to inhibit their personal style. Individuals 18 or older with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis are eligible to enter for a chance to participate in the Addressing Psoriasis™ Fashion Show hosted by Gunn in New York City on Sept. 2, 2009. Eight winners will walk the runway and help raise public awareness of this condition.
Of course, I think this is fabulous. HOWEVER, I am hoping Tim & co. will push the envelope and address Psoriatic Arthritis body image challenges as well. We wanna know: how do you look great in a wheelchair? How do you dress up or play down a cane? What kinds of shoes are sexy but comfortable?

Congrats to everyone involved. Just please don't forget your ugly stepsister.

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