Friday, February 27, 2009

n=1 - the autoimmune cat

So I was reminded by one of my three faithful readers that I had not given an update on George, my sick cat. As you may recall, when we sent him in to get his teeth cleaned last week, we found out he was really sick. His preliminary test results looked suspiciously like some kind of auto-immune hanky-panky, similar to the hanky-panky which plagues my husband and myself.

Well, the newest test results are in and they are... inconclusive. His "autoimmune" test came back borderline positive. Not high, not even kinda positive, but sortof maybe positive. So our vet thinks he has lymphoma.

I would just let this sleeping dog lie, except... when the husband and I were both sick several years ago with our mystery illnesses, the docs were convinced that both of us, separately, had lymphoma. Soon after these illnesses abated in us, our auto-immune problems really flared.

Once again, I refuse to be a hysteric, and will try to stick to my role as data gatherer. However, it is food for thought.

Speaking of food for thought, though, we've started George on an all wet food diet. He thinks he's already died and gone to heaven, and he looks better than he has in weeks. Fingers crossed.

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