Monday, February 9, 2009

N=1: Introduction

Today I decided that while the focus of this blog will be PsA research and information, I'm also going to continue to give personal health updates here. I'm doing this for two reasons. One - I think I'm a fairly typical PsA sufferer. Maybe some of the lessons I'm learning through my disease course can help others.

Two, I like to bitch. When you hurt every minute of every day, it feels good to complain about it. If I do it here, I may be able to give my poor husband a break!

However, I recognize that not all of you are interested in all this personal stuff. Therefore, I've decided that whenever I make an entry that is about my healing process, I'll title it N=1. In other words - I'm just writing about me. This is not a study, or a great article, or a connection I've made. It's just: how am I doing, what's changing in my disease and treatment, what hurts today and what am I gonna do about it.

Feel free to read or avoid N=1. I'll try not to get too graphic, but I can't make any promises

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