Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you are what you eat

I'm just starting to do some reading on how anti-inflammatory diets affect inflammatory arthritis, after toying around with one of these diets for the last few months. This article from CBS presents a decent review of this diet, but also implies that as of yet most evidence of effectiveness of the diet is either anecdotal or inconclusive.

However, here's a fairly recent article which suggests that there are significant benefits to eating a gluten free, vegan diet if you have rheumatoid arthritis. The GF vegan diet is by it's nature anti-inflammatory. While we can't assume what works for RA will work for PsA, I think it can't hurt to surmise some connection between the two, because they are both types of autoimmune arthritis and they have such similar symptomology. Hey, inflammatory arthritis is inflammatory arthritis!

Myself, I'm avoiding gluten (because I'm a celiac), sugar, dairy and alcohol. I'm also trying to reduce nightshades. Anecdotally (N=1) I've found that I do feel worse on the day after I've had a sugar/dairy binge. I haven't had gluten in 15 years (on purpose at least) so I have no personal data there.

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