Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't sell your horses yet

Here's a rebuttal to yesterday's bad mood - a great essay about sorting out who you want to be in relation to your disease. Mark Jamison says:
Some folks make a profession out of being sick, out of being less than they can be. Some folks spend a lifetime meaning to lose. Others soldier on nobly, making concessions where they must but making it through the day and life as best they can. Some folks fight, and some folks quit. Some get angry, some get mean. Some gain patience, and some lose it.
It's all in whether, and how, we decide to fight.

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  1. I love the quote. I know exactly how you feel. You don't feel well on a day and everything you need to do that day seems insurmountable. I try to be grateful for the good days, happy in spite of pain and challenges and am learning to get along with the dust bunnies (monsters) that seem to coexist with me more now. On my good days, I enjoy being able to vacuum, do laundry and run up and down stairs with only the mildest discomfort. Life is good. This is my life and I choose to live taking care of myself, my family, and occasionally the dust monsters and always laughing all the way! Tears just give you a ruddy complexion and clog up your nose! I have enough problems without that! Lizi