Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm canceling everybody

I've decided that I'm in charge now. I kept looking for the right doctor. I wanted a savior who would walk me gently through the halls of pain and point me to the right exit. But so far, that person hasn't shown up in my life. My acupuncture, with my substitute acupuncturist, feels like a spa treatment with absolutely no staying power. My primary care doctor keeps making me cry. My old rheumatologist makes me wait 90 minutes for 9 minutes of his time. So I'm canceling all of them. I've decided that I'm in charge now. They work for me, I don't work for them.

I'm keeping my therapist, my new rheumatologist, and my physical therapist. My primary care doc is on notice (but she doesn't know it). My acupuncturist, bless her, is in the ICU with a brain bleed (please everyone reading this send her a good thought).

I'm also buying back my time. 4-5 appointments a week is exhausting. I've been doing this for three months with little progress, and way too many co-pays. I'm leaving it all to the humira, whenever that is...

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