Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Drugs are in... feeling fine.

Ok, I'm officially drugged.

First off, I just found out that both nurses in here are Karens. Plus, my fab rheumatologist's assistant is called Caren. So... we've numbered them - actually, they've numbered themselves.

Karen 1 took out 30ccs of my saline, from the saline drip bag, and then put in the 30ccs of the Remicade into the drip. And now it's dripping. (if someone asked about my dose of Remicade, I'm getting 300mg, in "medicine talk" she she says).

Apparently the Remicade comes in tablet form, and because it's quite expensive they don't mix it until you're here, IV in arm, ready to roll.

The first nurse (Karen 2) had a hard time getting the IV in both my R and L arms - I have tiny veins, and she gave up after poking me a bunch. Karen 1 then took over - she got it in one jab, and in my left arm (I'm left handed). We like both the Karens, but Karen 1 gets the prize.

Once I was stuck, they mixed up the Remicade and got it going.

The drip is hooked up to a machine which measures the doses out in 8 different steps - slow at first (for about an hour) and then increasing 'til they're just blasting the stuff in me at the end.

So here we go.

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