Saturday, May 9, 2009

Evening in Dresden

Did I mention that my brother lives at the top of 4 flights of stairs? We just walked to a lovely dinner, and then walked back (about 6 blocks), and then had to tackle the stairs. Oy gevault.

Fortunately, I'm not in too much pain, because I did time my anti-inflammatory correctly. I have to take it every 12 hours, and I usually take it with breakfast and dinner. But, Germany is 9 hours ahead of Oregon. So, I could either take extra diclofenac - basically, take my usual Oregon evening dose, and then my morning Germany dose - but those would only be 3 hours apart. I opted for less, rather than more. At about 6:00 AM in Germany, which was 9pm in Oregon, I took my usual evening pill, and counted it as both Friday night and Saturday morning.

This may just be too complicated to follow, but the lesson here is... don't just take for granted that it will be easy to think about medication and time changes. If I miss an anti-inflammatory, I hurt terribly, and I really don't want to be hurting with those stairs and my toddler niece. Think about your medication when you travel, and do the math. I brought one of those little pill cases with a compartment for each pill, and I'm glad I did... I can easily tell if I miss a dose, which is important when you have jetlag!

Tchuss! More tomorrow!

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