Friday, May 1, 2009

Video on laser treatment, thoughts on words...

Here's a great little video from a local news station about excimer laser treatment... just in case you were interested in seeing what the treatment looks like. (BTW, I love that the ad they chose to show before the video is for a beach resort... in the video the patient complains that she was told to leave a beach because of her psoriasis!).

And, on that note... I'm getting really tired of how often the word "embarrassing" is used in conjunction with the word "psoriasis". True, it can be embarrassing, but is it THAT MUCH more embarrassing than other physically visible diseases out there? Do we say "the embarrassment of a broken arm?" or "the embarrassment of being a quadriplegic?". No! Why the lack of sensitivity for psoriasis?

Lets get rid of the word "heartbreak" too, while we're at it.

Anyway, just a quick morning thought. Laser lady had to cancel our appointment today - I'm having withdrawals... I was really enjoying working on my elbow tan.

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