Tuesday, May 26, 2009

N=1 - Hello again

I'm back!

Back from Germany, where I discovered the pleasure of a new coffee drink, the challenges of Berlin and the sticky hugs of my niece.

Back from my grandmother's memorial service, which was warm and heartwrenching and the fastest trip I've ever taken (Portland-> Walnut Creek-> Portland in 12 hours).

Back from a week of worry - my husband has been slammed with his worst Crohn's flare yet. I had to shorten my Germany trip, and come home to a skinny, tired guy facing a lot of scary medical choices. The kisses I got from him and my kids made the abridged trip worth it, though.

And, back from my second Remicade treatment. WOW. Try being jet-lagged, in mourning, and then infused with that sleepytime drug. I think I slept for half of last week.

But I've missed the blog, I've missed the chats, and I've missed putting the random thoughts in my head on the screen .

I hope you're all still out there.

I'm back.

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