Saturday, May 9, 2009

in the airport in frankfurt

Ok, this will be a badlly typed entry because in germany the kezboard is different!

Just a few thoughts on international travel with psoriatic arthritis.,,, and sometimes even this doesn´t help!

my seat reservation got changed, and I was stuck in an aisle, with the tv box under the seat. aisles arenät ssupposed to be bad, right? but my bad knee couldnät stretch out! so, i recommend that when one tries to fly long distances, think hard about your needs. my right knee needs to stretch. fortunately, i was able to switch (thanks to a man who panicked and needed to get off the plane - we had to go back to the gate while he freaked out) I got a window on the right. my leg could stretch againszt the wall of the plane.

more later! off to buy haribo - autoimmune diet is out th e window

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